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The article reads...

"The C and B is a Main Street institution in Green Bay. Main Street is the rough equivalent of Madison's State Street or Milwaukee's Water Street. Out-of-towners start in this neighborhood because of its proximity to the downtown hotels and conference centers.

A few words about Main Street. It is an eclectic collection of generally youthful bars, pizza parlors, strip clubs, coffeehouses, shot-and-beer joints, at least one Latin music club, and a bar for alternative scenes. Many consider the C and B the crown jewel of the street.

While we are at it, mention should also be made of Green Bay's fragmented and evolving tavern scene. Broadway at one time had a solid six blocks of bars, but these were hit hard by urban renewal. Neighborhood bars are widely dispersed. The "downtown" is more the province of hotel / motel lounges. So Main Street is your best bet for a compact pub crawl.

The C and B is a spacious establishment with a well-appointed bar, an abundance of pool tables, and a design that encourages mingling. The look is a combination of traditional tavern flavor with brassier modern club elements. It is often crowded, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Despite the heavy traffic, this nightspot is well kept and the service is prompt.

Its ad boasts a beer list of over 200 selections, but the posting on brands is not always clear, and it could use some compact printed lists throughout the bar area. About eight taps are rotated on a seasonal basis. The current favorites are the home team selections from Hinterland. That brewery's Pub Draft, served up through this bar's nitrogen-charged tap, is as creamy of a malt concoction as can be found this side of a root beer float. C and B's is one of the leading purveyors of this beer. It also stocks a collection of top-shelf liquor.

The ambience here is upscale pool hall, with multiple tables in action and an abundance of players. A warning to the guys: don't assume that you're going to teach the gals here your cue and table moves. There are some good women pool players here and you just might get hustled."

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